Music Motive Locations

Written by: Darren Johnson

As an instructor at Music Motive, I frequently get asked about our studios and their locations. For anyone who has been wanting more information on this topic, look no further! This article will serve as your all-inclusive guide.


Music Motive has studios in four locations; San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Templeton/Paso, and Nipomo.

SLO.5San Luis Obispo: This is the heart of the Music Motive studios, located at 3440 S. Higuera Street #130. Not only are there a multitude of studio rooms for private lessons here, but it’s a store with music accessories too! As if that didn’t make it cool enough already, the showroom there is the placeholder of many Music Motive events, such as the Band Jam, Student Spotlight, and the studio where the Bucket Busters rehearse.

unnamed (2)Arroyo Grande: The newest location of the Music Motive studios can be found on 1115 E. Grand Ave (next to Donna’s Interiors). It’s been converted from an old house into a private lesson studio with three studio rooms. The whole place has a really nice feel. It also has a sweet avocado tree in the back yard! What more could you ask for?

PASO.2Templeton/Paso: This studio is located at 130 Easy Street #5. This studio has a huge main room, big enough that you could do cartwheels all over the place (I won’t judge). There are also two studio rooms for private lessons; I particularly like the sound of the drum kits at this studio.

Nipomo: The quaint Nipomo studio is at 338A W. Tefft Street. This is the smallest of the four studios and has nice vibes. It has two studio rooms for private lessons. I’ve also recently heard from our director Steve Hilstein that Nipomo has the most consistent weather in the United States. Go Nipomo!

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So there you have it, all of the key information needed to know which studio caters to your specific where-a-bouts. Feel free to sign up for lessons at any location on our website, call us at 805-543-0377, or drop by our San Luis Obispo studio to register, pick up a set of strings, or play with our puppy!



World Beat Rhythms at Vineyard Elementary

P1010010Last week, Music Motive sponsored World Beat Percussion, a music education event at Vineyard Elementary in Templeton, CA. The presenters were Ed Roscetti and Maria Martinez, two accomplished musicians, authors, and educators (as well as good friends of ours).

We always look forward to seeing the show and hearing them play. This time was no exception. In front of a sold-out crowd, or rather, packed gymnasium, elementary children and teachers squeezed on to the floor to learn, listen to, and interact with music.

The World Beat program describes itself as a “better understanding of technique, time feel, rhythmic phrasing, song form, improvisation and leading an ensemble.”

Ed and Maria started the show with tambourines and wood blocks, quickly jumping to djembes, ending the introduction with a drum set. The kids were floored with their eyes opened wide. Smiles filtered through the crowd as African and Latin numbers soon followed. Ultimately, the kids joined in to learn the basics of rhythm through clapping and playing instruments. Continue reading