Speak Studios: An Interview with Vince and Daniel Cimo

Written by: Lauren Vukicevich

Vince and Daniel Cimo are not only talented musicians, but are also incredible people. Their passion for music, combined with their openness, makes them a pleasure to both work and play with. Check out what they have to say about their local recording studio!

Design by Katrin Dohse.

What is Speak Studios? How does it work?

Speak studios is a recording studio co-op located in San Luis Obispo where members pay a monthly fee for access to professional recording equipment and a treated studio space.  It is a collaborative community where musicians can work together and create. Members meet every two weeks to discuss musical projects and book sessions.

What was the inspiration behind Speak?

Our inspiration stemmed from a dissatisfaction with the traditional recording studio, which is often expensive and impersonal. The average artist does not have the production budget for the amount of experimentation needed to craft a unique sounding recording, and customers of the traditional studio often leave sounding generic. On the flip side, we have all of that equipment that really does make a difference. Speak offers an alternative, where artists can affordably craft their sonic masterpieces while learning how to engineer in a professional studio.

Daniel recording vocals at Speak.

What are each of your musical/production backgrounds?

Daniel: I began studying piano when I was a young child.  When I was 10 years old I began playing the violin.  In high school I played in symphony and taught myself how to play the guitar.  I went on to study music at Augustana College, focusing on violin until I moved to SLO to help Vince build Speak and learn recording engineering.

Vince: I also studied piano as a child, and eventually began playing guitar and drums, among other various instruments. When I was 17, I had an opportunity to convert a state storage facility into a low-budget studio. I’ve been hooked on sonics ever since. After working in various studios, I came up with the concept for Speak and really think it has the potential to change the way musicians approach recording.

What has been the most rewarding part of having a recording studio?

Hands down, the most rewarding part is the community. Since our inception, we have been host to all sorts of artists, who have all begun to collaborate and become friends. San Luis Obispo has an amazing amount of musical talent, but lacks a centralized location where musicians can create without fear of noise ordinances. I firmly believe that in our short time open, we have strengthened and connected the SLO musical community, which feels amazing.

What vision do you have for the future of Speak?

There is a certain energy that we have cultivated at Speak that feels like it has the potential to go big places. We’ve only been open about 3 months, and already have 7 full length albums nearly completed. People are creating, people are learning and it’s just getting better and better. We anticipate reaching capacity within the next 6 months and hope to expand to another location, where we can be even more public facing. In the short term, we are also going to be getting involved with local radio and venue’s to bring the music to the people.

Check out their facebook here.

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