New Times Music Awards 2014

Written by: Lauren Vukicevich

10653675_846845911993454_2428768108995320247_nThursday, August 28th, marked the sixth year of the New Times Music Awards, which were held at SLO Brew. Runners up were announced, and the winners of each category were able to perform a few songs. There were awards given to each of the six genre categories: Songwriter, Hip-hop, Alternative/Rock, Country/Folk/Americana, Blues/R&B, and Open.

The Songwriting category was won by Dulcie Taylor, and the songs she performed made it clear why she deserved the award. Famous Deuce & Roach Clip were the winners of the Hip-hop category; their performance was a fun and different addition to the lineup of local artists!

The Alternative/Rock award went to Odonovan, whose performance was rockin’ with a country feel. A few of the band members’ adorable daughters were dancing and singing to every song – their biggest (and smallest) fans! The Open category was won by Shadowlands, who put on an amazing performance including talented singers and a wonderful cellist, among other instrumentalists. 

The Country/Folk/Americana award was given to Steven Stiles, which is band with a fun, upbeat groove featuring guitars and a banjo! The best Blues/R&B song went to Proxima Parada, who actually won 1st and 2nd place for 2 different songs. Their set was exciting and definitely got the audience dancing.

At the end of the night, a panel of judges deliberated over who gave the best live performance, and the award was given to Proxima Parada. There was also a Reader’s Choice award, where people voted online, and Famous Deuce & Roach Clip were chosen. Album of the Year went to the Turkey Buzzards

This event makes us excited about the budding musicians that we at Music Motive have the privilege of teaching. As we see students Get Started, and Go Further, we can’t help but think that maybe someday they’ll be up there on that SLO Brew stage.


To find out more, visit the New Times website here.


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