How To Survive a Music Festival

Written by: Lauren Vukicevich


Photo taken at Joshua Tree Music Festival

In preparing for a music festival this summer, I was talking with several different people about their experiences at festivals, who all seemed to say similar things. I decided that it would be good to compile some of this advice, along with my own, and share it with all of you fellow music lovers! Here are the points which I think are most important and useful:

Be prepared! Bring clothes for hot days, cold nights, or surprise rain showers (unless the festival has no real showers – then, by all means, let it rain down). Check the weather and pack accordingly; make sure you have hats and sunscreen for the days, and cozy clothes for nights around the campfire. It’s important to stay hydrated in the heat, so a camelback can come in handy for drinking water. Bring a towel or old blanket to use during daytime shows; you probably don’t like standing for 10 hours in a row, and the “festival you” won’t either.

Photo taken at First City Music Festival

Photo taken at First City Music Festival

Save your ears! Say you’re watching your favorite band, and they just started playing your favorite song. You move towards the front but quickly realize that the bass from the giant speakers are actually causing you physical pain. You want to go closer still, if only to be in the immediate presence of something so awesome. Well, if you just whip out those earplugs that you so intelligently brought, then your dilemma will last no longer than 10 seconds! Bonus: some people stay up VERY late at these festivals, so if you aren’t one of them, you’ll be happy to have a pair of these noise blockers.

Late-nighters jamin' into the wee hours. (photo by Aubrie Hilstein Luiz)

Late-nighters jamin’ into the wee hours at Live Oak Music Festival. (photo by Aubrie Hilstein Luiz)

Get there early to snag a good camping spot with your family and friends and set up your temporary home. Instruments are definitely recommended! Mid-day or late-night jam sessions are a relaxing way to take a break from the energetic concerts and rambunctious crowds. Seeing your favorite, talented musicians perform will likely inspire you to want to play your own stuff!

Live Oak Music Festival - a Central Coast fav.

Live Oak Music Festival – a Central Coast fav.

Make friends! People who go to music festivals are often very friendly and open, and you automatically have at least two things in common (although probably many more): you both love music and are there

watch the same artists up on those stages. A concert is such a social activity; everyone is dancing to the same infectious rhythms, singing to the same songs. How could you not connect with those around you?


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