Music Motive’s Local Musician Survey

Written by: Darren Johnson

Recently, Music Motive created a survey for the musicians of San Luis Obispo County. It was great to see how passionate members of our community are about music, and there were a few thought provoking results that surfaced: graph

My favorite part of this survey appeared out of the results from the question “Why do you choose to be a musician?”

–Some responses were very heartfelt, such as:

“I find joy in music. It’s therapeutic, stimulating and there’s really nothing that is more liberating than playing music with other people that you genuinely connect with.”

“Because it brings me more joy than anything else in this world.”

“Music makes me happy.”

–Others were a little more on the funny side:


“Better than a regular job.”

No matter what the answers were, I couldn’t help but get an overwhelming sense of a musical community. We all became musicians by choice because of our love for music, all joining together in the pursuit of one common passion. In my opinion, that’s a pretty great thing.


Something that stood out from the results was that over 80% of the 30 respondents said they have taken private music lessons, and around 63% said that they hoped to become or already were professional musicians. graph3 This shows that private music lessons have had a huge benefit for our musical community, and would be a great idea for those seeking a musical outlet.

Not only is being able to play a musical instrument a useful skill set, it also creates positivity in other aspects of our lives. A good knowledge of music helps to create well-rounded and compassionate individuals, making it an important part of our community’s education.


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