Music Putty: Connecting Independent Music with the Community

Written by: Lauren Vukicevich

MusicPutty_Logo_v2_blackWhether you’re a musician or just love discovering and supporting independent music, you’ll want to learn about Music Putty! This website, which is currently in progress, will be mutually beneficial for independent artists and their current or future fans. Music Putty is being created by a team of entrepreneurs including members in Ohio, Seattle, Washington state, and Nevada, as well as a few locals here in San Luis Obispo. A few Cal Poly students include Massimo Siboldi, Mike Ion, Bethany Benson, Arash Namvar, and Joe Durantini.

Music Putty will allow the user to discover independent artists based on their genre and location. Each artist will have a profile that users can browse and interact with to find out contact information, stay up to date with news, watch videos, view different albums, find similar artists, and much more.

There will also be a search function that allows the user to enter a specific genre, location, and/or date, and find concerts that meet all of their desired criteria. When the options are shown, users can preview a sample of each artist’s music, purchase tickets, or go to the artist’s profile. Music Putty will feature only independent artists, so there will be no advertisements or limits on the number of songs you can skip while listening. What’s great about this design is that everything you could possibly need is all in one place!

Support-Local-Music-T-Shirt-(8215)Musicians can use this website to expand their fan base and raise money for projects, such as recording a new album or buying equipment. They will create personalized gifts for people who donate to these projects, and they will get to keep 90% of the money raised. For example, someone in the band may write a postcard to the donor; this is inexpensive for the artist yet still valuable to a fan. Who wouldn’t want to receive a personal note from one of their favorite bands?

The members of the Music Putty team simply want to create a space where independent musicians and fans can connect. This website is going to be a great way for fans to support local artists in their area, no matter where that may be! At Music Motive, we are big supporters of local music, so we are very excited to see this idea become a reality!

Want to know when the website will launch? To receive more information and stay updated, you can subscribe at:

You can also contact Arash at


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