Interview: The Spaces Between

Written by: Lauren Vukicevich

When Andrew Rubin is not teaching guitar at Music Motive, he can be found playing with his band, The Spaces Between. Andrew plays alongside drummer Liam Smith and lead singer/bassist Noah Colton in their rock/funk/alternative band. These SLO County locals recently won first place in the Nipomo Octoberfest Battle of the Bands!

540762_519472064785535_261418178_nHow did The Spaces Between begin?

Andrew:  I did session work with a drummer, Brian Monzel, who knew I was trying to put a band together. He put me in contact with one of his students, the amazingly talented Liam Smith. We started jamming with Noah and felt a musical connection right off the bat.

What is the inspiration behind your music? Does it change?

Andrew: We listen to many different types of music for inspiration, anything from the Chili Peppers to Miles Davis to Stravinsky.

Noah: The inspiration to our music changes constantly because if we kept trying the same tricks, we’d get bored. If we ever revisit an idea or style, we look to see how we can redefine it in a way that’s never been done before.

As a group, what are your goals for this next year?

Andrew:  Our goals for this next year are to release our first EP and album, play many rockin’ shows and see how far the music will take us.


What has been your favorite performance The Spaces Between has ever given? 

Liam: My favorite performance has to be our first gig in LA at the Whiskey. That show taught me to let loose and have fun on stage. It wasn’t our best gig by far, but at the time it was pretty surreal just being there with the two greatest musicians I’ve ever come into contact with.

What is the band’s approach to songwriting?

Noah: The three of us will jam on an idea and figure out the texture it has. Andrew & I will then write out the lyrics to fit the music. Each member plays a key role in writing the songs that we love playing.

What is something that most people don’t know about each of you?

17518_557972154268859_868131763_nAndrew: I enjoy composing music for orchestra. Film-scoring kind of stuff. I also freestyle rap when no one’s looking.

Liam: I tested out of High School in order to pursue music and so far it’s paid off.

Noah: If I could be any rock n’ roll singer, I’d be Anne Wilson because she has the most amazing set of pipes I’ve ever heard.

You can check out The Spaces Between for yourself this Halloween at downtown SLO Farmers’ Market at Garden Street! It’s Music Motive Night and they go on at 7:30, right after the Bucket Busters perform.

You can see videos and find out more on their facebook:

Sign up for guitar lessons with Andrew [HERE].

Here is Andrew Rubin’s Meet The Motivator video: 


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