SLO Farmers’ Market Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Written by: Lauren Vukicevich

The San Luis Obispo County Farmer’s Market hosts some of the best free, live entertainment on the central coast. With 5 locations, each including delicious food from local restaurants and multiple performers, there is something for everyone!

Christopher-Hawley-Rollers2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the Thursday night Farmer’s Market, and it is being celebrated accordingly! There have been two events already, and the last will be held this Thursday, August 15th, in downtown San Luis Obispo. From 6:10 to 9pm, there will be the usual combination of food and entertainment, along with a special show. You can make your way through the booths to find the main stage set up at the west end of the market near Nipomo & Higuera Streets. Due to an injury of the bass player’s hand, the scheduled performer is not able to play. Fortunately, singer/songwriter Christopher Hawley will be stepping in to bless us all with some sweet Los Angeles tunes. He even has a song about the farmer’s market!


I had the pleasure of speaking with Event Coordinator Diana Cotta of the Thursday Night Promotions, who gave me the inside scoop on how performers are chosen and placed at Farmer’s Market. She informed me that any band can submit an application along with a demo CD to be considered for a spot. Since the market is family-based, there is a committee to review each performer and make sure it is appropriate for all ages. If chosen, the artist is given a location based on the type of performance they intend to put on. Large bands tend to play on Garden Street, but Broad and Chorro are generally reserved for dance groups or solo artists.

Farmers’ Market has hosted the Bucket Busters as well as Stereo Steve, which features our very own Steve Ambarian and Steve Hilstein. The downtown market has been a great way to showcase talented musicians of Music Motive, along with various community members and local bands. Happy anniversary SLO Farmer’s Market!

Check out the main act for this Thursday:

Find out more on the downtown SLO website:


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