Band Jam

Written by: Lauren Vukicevich


Music Motive’s newest performance program, Band Jam, will be making its debut this summer! Participating students have chosen from 3 songs to learn in their private lessons and will be practicing diligently (hint, hint) until the big day. On Friday, August 2nd at 6:30 pm, they will divide into groups by song, and perform together.

Band Jam provides Music Motive students with an opportunity to take what they learn in lessons and apply it to a real performance situation. It also gives them a chance to play with musicians of many styles and find out how it feels to be part of a band.

Many beginning students are used to playing on their own, but during Band Jam, they will have to be aware of what people around them are doing. They can’t just rely on sheet music when playing with others; they’ll need to follow cues and go with the flow. If a drummer decides to, yes, march to the beat of his/her own drum, the rest will have to follow along.


Whether this will be their first time picking up an instrument or their hundredth time performing, everyone plays for the love of music. And, of course, because playing in a band is awesome!

We’re very excited to see how they do!


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