Interns Come and Interns Go

As the co-owner, director, and founder of Music Motive, most people assume that I make all the decisions, create all the programs, and know everything it takes to make this boat float. It’s true that, like most small business owners, I am multi-talented. I can unclog drains, get the internet to work, do some bookkeeping (ugh), design a flyer, hang a shelf on the wall, repair a snare drum, manage social media, teach a music lesson, or even write a blog [this is actually my first blog] all in a day’s work. The truth be known, I do not do it alone. [I know you must be shocked.]  My co-owner wife, Stefanie, and I have a brilliant staff that contributes greatly to our program.

This blog is about an intern who recently came and went, Kevin Daniel Carr. Before coming to Music Motive, Kevin, who is originally from the Central Coast, spent his last few years seeking fame and fortune in Coeur d’ Alane, Idaho where he met his lovely wife, Megan. He is an excellent blogger, and besides starting our Music Motive blog a few months ago, he has his own called “The Number Kevin”. It was recently featured on WordPress’ “Freshly Pressed” which, as Kevin put it, “is a blogger’s dream”!

Like other Music Motive staff, Kevin came up with many fresh ideas that we have started implementing and will continue to develop in the near future. One of the most important, and my personal favorite, is our upcoming “Motivation Program” designed to encourage private lesson students to practice by rewarding their efforts. Kevin also helped with our newest program, “Band Jam,” that gives students the opportunity to play with a band. For some, it will be their very first time interacting with other musicians!

hats-4Like me, Kevin wore many hats -working the front counter, ‘yucking’ it up with the students, running the vacuum, posting and promoting on our Music Motive Facebook Page, ‘subbing’ for guitar teachers,


and even taught Music Enrichment Guitar Classes that we bring to local schools, but like most interns do, Kevin has moved on. He and his wife will be heading to the University of Rochester in New York, where he will continue his education this Fall, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Creative Writing on a full scholarship! Yeah, he’s no dummy.

All of us at Music Motive just want to say “thank you, Kevin”, for what you brought and for what you have left. We know that your input will have a lasting effect. Lives will be touched as we get music students started and take them further.



We will miss Kevin greatly. We wish him and Megan the very best, and hope to see his happy little face again.

Now go, Grasshopper.
Blessings to you.
[Sniff, sniff.]


2 thoughts on “Interns Come and Interns Go

  1. I have been blessed to come to know Kevin through the blogosphere and broke bread with him and Megan when they were getting things in place at Rochester. He wanted to pick up the tab, but I insisted it was on me. It’s a small investment in what I believe will be a rewarding journey for the two of them. God go with you, guys! 🙂

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