Spring ‘Student Spotlight’ Recap: Pictures, Videos, and Stories!

Twice a year, Music Motive hosts Student Spotlight, a live-event opportunity for students to showcase their talents in front of their friends and family. As Spotlight season approaches, we ask willing students to hand-pick a song and work ahead of time with their instructors to develop a performance. The 2013 Spring show, presented last Saturday, May 11th, was a huge success with over thirty participants!

From veteran to novice, scared stiff to show ham, the colorful spectrum of performers’ personalities, musical genres, and instruments accurately reflected the diverse student body found daily in the halls of Music Motive. Performing were violinists, vocalists, drummers, guitarists, and pianists.

For many, it was their first time performing in front of an audience. Every few minutes a young performer would stop by the front desk to nervously drum their hands on the counter or ask what time it was. Friends and family poured in and before long, students took the stage, one-by-one. Before they knew it, they were leaving the stage with accomplished and relieved hearts. A few even came back to give front desk with a genuine and hearty smile.

To our students: 

We are all SO proud of you. You guys made the afternoon fun, entertaining, and unique! Your hard work paid off and now a big performance is under your belt. Keep up the good work! We’ll have our next Student Spotlight this Fall, so be ready.

A Couple Notable Stories


Noah Nelson, Drums

Song: “Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough for the Two of Us”

Instructor: Dale Moon

Noah recently came in 2nd Place at the annual Drum Competition in the adult category. He closed out the night, wowing everybody.

IMG_7168Katie Withey, Vocals

Song: “Wouldn’t it be Loverly”

Instructor: Kaitlyn Perry

Katie did a wonderful job! She also gave the crowd a humorous moment when asked to check the mic. “CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!”

IMG_6862Isaac Lerner, Guitar & Vocals

Song: “When I was Your Man”

Instructor: Kaitlyn Perry

Isaac gave the show some style. I can see this young performer wooing crowds at the Santa Barbara Bowl in a few years.

IMG_7057Casey Decker-Stone, Violin

Song: Ode to Joy

Instructor: Emily Cox

Casey is a Music Motive success story. After only eight weeks on the violin, Casey was brave enough to take the stage. Great job, Casey! Keep it up.

IMG_7201Sam Johnson, Electric Guitar

Song: Gangnam Style

Instructor: Steve Ambarian

Sam and Steve took the stage together, pulling off a rockin’ rendition of a little song called “Gangnam Style.” You may have heard of it. Great job guys!

Official Spring 2013 Student Spotlight Video.

While you’re here, check out the official video from Saturday afternoon. It features snippets of every performance.

For more information on our Student Spotlight performances, click HERE.


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