World Beat Rhythms at Vineyard Elementary

P1010010Last week, Music Motive sponsored World Beat Percussion, a music education event at Vineyard Elementary in Templeton, CA. The presenters were Ed Roscetti and Maria Martinez, two accomplished musicians, authors, and educators (as well as good friends of ours).

We always look forward to seeing the show and hearing them play. This time was no exception. In front of a sold-out crowd, or rather, packed gymnasium, elementary children and teachers squeezed on to the floor to learn, listen to, and interact with music.

The World Beat program describes itself as a “better understanding of technique, time feel, rhythmic phrasing, song form, improvisation and leading an ensemble.”

Ed and Maria started the show with tambourines and wood blocks, quickly jumping to djembes, ending the introduction with a drum set. The kids were floored with their eyes opened wide. Smiles filtered through the crowd as African and Latin numbers soon followed. Ultimately, the kids joined in to learn the basics of rhythm through clapping and playing instruments.

With their work cut out for them, Ed and Maria successfully lead a gymnasium of inexperienced children to clap on beat to quarter and eighth notes. No small feat. Music Motive’s Director, Steve Hilstein, and me, intern Kevin Carr, assisted the two accomplished educators in the event: Steve showed the children tambourine and shaker technique, as I took pictures and video. It was a real treat to see Ed and Maria go to work and inspire so many with music.

We couldn’t have asked for a better host. Lead by Principal Laura Brooks, Vineyard Elementary sets the tone for music and arts education across SLO County. It’s quite obvious that Laura Brooks, as well as all the teachers and staff, go above and beyond the needs of their students.

Thanks again to Vineyard for having us and World Beat Rhythms! We hope to see you again soon.

Some moments from the day:

From Ed’s Bio:

Ed Roscetti is a Drummer, Composer, Author & Clinician. His Hal Leonard catalog includes, the “World Beat Rhythms Series” Brazil, Africa, Cuba & USA, “Drummers Guide to Odd Meters,” “Blues Drumming,” “Funk & Hip Hop Drumming,” “Rock Drumming Workbook,” “Stuff Good Drummers Should Know,” and “Creating Professional Drum Loops.” He has been a core curriculum author and educator for over 30 years at the Musician’s Institute, Hollywood and MI Japan schools teaching his odd meter class.

From Maria’s Bio:

Maria Martinez is a drummer, percussionist, educator, clinician and noted author of many critically praised Hal Leonard educational publications.  Her Hal Leonard catalog includes, the “World Beat Rhythms Series” Brazil, Africa, Cuba and USA, Afro-Cuban Coordination for Drumset, Brazilian Coordination for Drumset, Rudimental Warm-Ups, and Instant Guide to Drum Grooves.  She is the content editor for the Poncho Sanchez DVD entitled Fundamentals of Latin Music for the Rhythm Section published by CherryLane.

To contact Ed or Maria, or to find out more about World Beat Rhythms, check out Ed’s website:


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