Teacher Diary: Pacheco’s Play Guitar! Performance

480856_305293316266881_905750926_nToday, the Play Guitar! students at Pacheco Elementary played their first gig—an “opening slot” in their morning music assembly. As their teacher I must admit, my nerves were high.

We’re talking seventeen children here. Also, they had guitars… and a stage.

They were all a little nervous, worried, and out of tune. For many, it was their first time in front of an audience.

So, how did they do?

Honestly, I can say I’ve never been more proud. These kids rocked! As a class, we performed the chords we learned and a snippet from Yellow Submarine. Two of my students, Emma Galambos and Jack Krill, were brave enough to perform the main riff from Smoke on the Water. Also brave was Amanda Angel, who shared her mnemonic phrase for remembering guitar strings: “Every Astroid Does Go By Eventually.” (Copyright Amanda Angel 2013) 🙂


Check out Kayden Diodati (middle), our Prodigy Award winner, getting ready to perform with Noah Callahan (left) and fellow classmates.

Performance is the heart of music.

As a teacher, I’d call it essential. More than just a motivator, it gives purpose to the chords we play and the notes we read.

Learning in a bedroom is fine (or classroom, or lesson studio), but it’s not the whole story. Generally, if a new student fails in music, it is not the quality of their instrument or even the support at home, but the lack of drive. Performance gives us this drive; it pushes us to practice.

This is what I love about the program Music Motive has crafted; the School Enrichment Classes gives the fresh experience of music in a classroom but also matches it with a performance.

For now, my time is over at Pacheco. I had eight great weeks with these kids and I’ll miss them dearly. Next up for me? New schools, kids, and guitars. Can’t wait!

Interested in our classes? Many new sessions are about to start! Depending on the program, students learn guitar, bucket drumming, ukulele, piano, or singing. Check our website HERE for more information.


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