Beats on the Streets: The Bucket Busters Rock SLO Farmers Market!

541508_473283786059909_1841268542_nLast Thursday night, Music Motive’s own percussion-performance group, the Bucket Busters, gave another legendary performance downtown at the SLO Farmers Market. A favorite of the market, the group raises scholarship money for those who may not be able to afford music lessons.

Commanding one of the largest audiences in recent Farmers Market memory, the Busters delivered their first show of the year—and one of their best ever. Children and parents danced in the streets, while others simply listened in awe as the bustling troop of entertainers gave it their all.

The evening began with an appearance from the Bucketeers (click HERE for more information about our Music Enrichment Classes). Eager students from every direction of SLO County showed up to perform for parents, friends, and strangers. Buster leader and Bucketeers teacher, Micah Grogg, led the kids in a performance of the “Bucketeers Song.” All we can say is, wow! We’re proud of you guys. Way to go Bucketeers!


Soon after, the Bucket Busters took the stage in full force, hitting the audience with a new song right off the bat. Revving up the crowd was Music Motive Director, Steve Hilstein, who helped introduce the Busters’ new version of the rock n’roll anthem “We Will Rock You.”

As the performance progressed, the Bucket Busters proved their worth, impressing viewers with jaw-dropping musicality and veteran showmanship.

Though a huge success, the night was not without its bittersweet moments for the Bucket Busters. Curtis Van Billiard, a three-year Bucket Buster veteran, gave his last performance with the group. Given the duty to introduce a few songs up front, Micah and Steve made sure to bump in to let the crowd know how special this young man has been to the group.

Curtis BB

“Curtis has been with us for a long time, and we can’t thank him enough,” said Steve. Between his commitment to the group and his dedication to the craft of drumming, Curtis helped elevate the group to a new level. His shoes will not be easy to fill!

Though sad to see Curtis go, we’re happy to welcome in new Buster, Chris Taylor. Thursday was Chris’ first performance and he did great!

Also present: Aidan Scoles, Alec Wingfield, Austin McDaniel, Austin Peterson, Cameron Casey, Cormic Calloway, Darin Willis, Devin Miller, Jackson McDaniel, Jared Swenson, Jordan Bates, Noah Nelson, and Ryhs DeRose.

Busters Long

Did you miss the Bucket Busters on Thursday? Don’t worry, they’ll be back at the SLO Farmers Market on May 2nd for another great performance!

If you’re interested in booking the Bucket Busters, click HERE for more information.


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